Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Some Crazy People out there!


Well, here are the answers to your questions-I have heard from some friends and it's always good to hear from them and see how they're doing-I love it!  Yes, I got the package from the mission office that she dropped off-Thank You!!!!!  Next transfers are Tuesday, August 6th, so if I move to a new area or get called to train, they will call Thursday night and I would have to go to a meeting on Friday-so that's coming up.  We'll see what happens.  That's good that you got that cleaning job and are getting the yard done.  Some things I really miss.....swimming, atv, country music, country dancing, hanging out with friends and family, doing things by myself, girls, boating, lots of STUFF!  We have an hour to email each week.  So here's my story for this week:

So, we contacted this guy who is homeless, is 21, and has every Word of Wisdom issue possible.  We have been talking with him and trying to help him cut back.  He called us up on Tuesday and we met with him at Applebee's with his friend and talked with him there.  Then, we left Applebee's and walked with him down to the mall, which was about a 2 mile walk.  We were walking with him and trying to help him out, then he went inside Kc on the way there to use the bathroom and came out with a joint, a homemade cigarette with weed in it, and starts smoking it and he got really high and somehow had a tablet (like an Ipad?) in his backpack and started listening to rap music and dancing and singing to it in his own little world.  It was pretty funny, actually.  Then, as we were walking to the mall with this guy who was high out of his mind, this lady on a pink cruzer  bike pulls up next to us and starts yelling at us about womens' rights and how her half brothers are trying to kill her and a bunch of other crazy stuff.  She was CRAZY-like a stereotypical crazy lady.  While we were listening to her about her whatever she was talking about, we look over and this guy, stoned out of his mind, is just rapping and dancing away in his own little world.  It was the most interesting thing-but super funny!  Then, she takes off on her bike and rides up a little ways and my companion and I just look at each other like, "What just happened?  or  Did that just happen?"  It was crazy funny!  So, we continue to walk with this guy to meet his daughter and girlfriend and that crazy lady waited for us and started going off again about who knows what and this guy is just telling her to shut up and cussing at her.  She just ignored him because she could tell he was on something, but she just kept going on and on about some interesting stuff.  It was pretty funny, then she finally took off again and we walked to the mall and met his girlfriend and daughter and talked to them and then went to our next appointment.  The End-haha.  Other than that, this week was pretty good.  We did a lot of service-laid some cement (that was pretty fun) and helped some people move.  We also went to a Polynesian FHE that was fun.  We played basketball with the kids and had a bbq-it was Super good!  Hopefully, all is going well for you all.  Love ya!

Elder Whaley

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