Friday, July 26, 2013

Bike problems!


Haha-that would have been priceless to see you working with the pigs.  I wish I could've seen that.  (I told him about an adventure I had with my neighbor and I trying to take care of her kids' fair pigs in the dark).  I think I'm ready to move on, even though I like this ward.  I think I'm ready to move onto the next chapter.  I like a lot of stuff about my mission-the crazy experiences, the people, the food (of course), and just being a missionary.  My least favorite part of my mission is bike problems, stupid people, or when people just don't get things or don't understand what you're telling them-it's just frustrating sometimes.  To help me with different areas of the gospel, I just study on the areas I want to learn about or ask my companion.  When things get hard, I just get over it, move on, find ways to improve, and just plow through it.  This last week was kinda stressful because we had quite a few bike problems.  I had to buy a new rim which cost $60, which stunk.  We spent quite a bit of time fixing bikes, but we did do a lot of service, which was fun.  We had about 14 hours of service!  I haven't gotten the package you sent with Sr. Tingey's sister yet, but I will on Tuesday I think.  The mission office called and said they had it.  Nothing too exciting happened this week, but it went alright.  I hope all is going well for ya back home and goes well this week, also.  Dad-that is a very cool experience in the temple and yes, I definitely believe there are certain people in our lives who make a big impact when others can't.  I'm thankful for the wonderful leaders I had and the life lessons I have learned from you and mom, even though I wasn't always receptive to some of them-haha.  Thank you for sharing that and I will try to remember back to those times.   Thank you for all you do for us!  Love ya!

Elder Whaley

P.S.  I forgive you for selling Penny (our Boxer) -I'm not sure if he really does or if he's trying to put a guilt trip on me.  :)

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