Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Slow but Good!

Everything is going Great!  The members do a pretty good job of taking care of us-especially the Maiava's.  They're awesome!  The missionary work is a little slow in our area.  Our area is pretty small compared to the rest of the zone and we are mainly working with less active or recent converts right now since we don't have any investigators.  We thought we had one though because we were standing on the corner of a street looking at our map to look where less actives lived to go visit, and this guy drove up and stopped at the stop sign rolled down his window and said, "Tell me about your church, when and where do you meet?"  So we went over and talked to him, gave him our number and a restoration pamphlet, and he said he would come to church on Sunday.  Well, he never did show up, so we called him and he said some things came up and so he wants to visit with us to learn more.  Hopefully, we can be able to meet with him!  We'll see how that goes.  Don't worry, I already pray for the family each day!  Thank you for your support!  I do Love you guys, even though I don't really express it!  Can mom send me the cake mix cookie recipe, rice Krispie treats, and any other easy treat or easy dinner recipes please!  I hope everything is going well for you guys!


Fun at the Ocean

Everything is going Great!  My companion is great, but he's kinda strict though.  The ward members are good, especially a couple of them.  They don't feed us a ton, though, so there are some nights we have to cook, but it's alright.  I learned how to make stuffed french toast and it's super good!  I was wondering if you could send some recipes either in the mail or email-especially German pancakes.  I haven't taken a lot of pics because I've been busy.  We went to the beach yesterday (March 4th) and so that's why I didn't email yesterday because we were there.  I got burned which luckily turned into a tan.  It was super fun and way cool to see the ocean for the first time.  We played beach volleyball, football, ultimate frisbee, and rugby.  It was AWESOME!  So that was super fun!  We don't have other missionaries live with us yet, but we will soon I think.  Our apartment is by Saratoga Road in Santa Clara, Ca.  We get about $140 a month and then the Polynesians in our ward always give us money for food.  Brother Maiava took us to Tony Roma's and bought us steak and ribs!  I haven't got the package yet, but the mission office says it's there and so we have to go pick it up.  Thomas M. emailed me and it sounds like he's doing great and having some good experiences.  That's awesome that you finally got that job.  I'm sure that will be a great blessing!  :)  But, everything is going great!  I hope everything is going well or goes even better for the family!  Here's some pictures, but I'll send the memory card so you can put all of them on the computer!


Shad, Elder Vance, and ?

Elders and Sisters at the beach!

Some day.........

Elder Whaley and Elder Vance

Sunday, March 10, 2013

First Letter From California

It's going great! The people in our ward are awesome! We get fed quite a bit and some members just give us money or take us out to eat quite often.  I'm on a bike and my legs are killing me for now.  Hopefully I can get used to that. My companion is Elder Vance from Mapleton, Utah. He's a really good companion. He likes alot of the same things so I think we'll get along. I will have to try and send you pics next week since I don't have the camera with me. We have to go to a libary to email. I am kinda in the Santa Clara, San Jose area.  I need all that stuff and a pair of jeans since we do a lot of service. So I need an extra pair and maybe some candy haha and all packages have to be sent to the mission home.  Some recipes would be nice like for breakfast and lunch mainly.  My apartment address is 100 Buckingham Dr. appt. #249.  If you could put the mission office and my address up on FB that would be great and also mention they have to write me first if they want to hear from me because we're always busy.  Yes, it is really hot, but it's funy because all the locals are wearing hoodies and jackets and complaining that it's cold. But everything is going good so far. We've only taught 2 lessons so far, but this week we have quite a few more. But I'm excited for next p-day because we are planning on going to the beach!  Today I think  we're going to go play tennis, play some rugby, and maybe bowling. No, I didn't get initiated.  I don't think that will happen because the mission president doesn't like pranks.  Some guys already got chewed out for it.  Our president is pretty cool.  One thing I forgot to mention is the second day I was here, we were riding our bikes and this bullet bike goes flying down the road with 5 cop cars chasing him.  It was pretty cool.  It looked like something out of a movie.  Mom, you asked if we have any stores like Walmart here.  We have a Ross and a Target in our area. So it's pretty great so far. I think I'll enjoy it!

Love Shad

Shad and President and Sr. Watkins

Shad and his first companion, Elder Vance