Monday, February 18, 2013

Last email from MTC

It's great to hear from you guys. I'm doing good and yes, I did get your package. Thank you so much. The food is really good here. I probably have eaten too much since I've gained 17 pounds haha. It probably doesn't help that I drank 5 glasses of chocolate milk in 18 seconds haha and all the challenges they give me at meals. I guess I just don't back down. Anyways, it's really good here. I just got back going through the provo temple. It's really cool in there and the spirit here is so strong. It's awesome and I really enjoy it. Right now I am the district leader because our district leader/companion went home about a week and a half into it. So, its just me and Elder Porter and the trio is gone. But, anyways, I saw Jake C. He's doing pretty good it seems like. So I leave to California at 5 a.m. on Wednesday to get on the plane. So,I might be able to call. I'm not sure if I can call when I land since 5 a.m. is early. Since I'll be leaving, can you put the mission's home adress on facebook so it stops coming to the MTC? That would be great. I'm pretty sure I can email other people, I just don't have a lot of time to email. I hope you guys are doing alright with everything, especially with that room and work. It's crazy how fast the MTC went by and I'm already going to California! It's exciting and nerve racking at the same time. Anyways, love you guys! Whitney- it was great to hear from you. That's awesome you get to go to Lagoon! But, I get to go to California... jk. Anyways, that's really cool. About the whole valentines thing dont waste your money. Save it and you're only in Jr. High! Trust me, I already tried it and was stupid. Just hang out with friends and have a good time and do your homework. Just tell that boy that you just want to be friends and you're not even 16. Thank you for all the notes and candy it was great! Austin- I hope you're joking about all that stuff you wrote on the heart in the package! Cuz if not, someone is going get a smack down in 2 years. Vanessa- that's awesome that you got asked to the dance. Hopefully it was fun. Hopefully, you're not causing too much drama! Love, Shad P.S. Don't paint my wall or touch the drums or anything in the closet! PLEASE! Thanks

Shad in front of the Provo temple.

Shad with his two companions.

Shad with Elders and Sisters.

Elders so serious and Sisters having fun!

Shad with his good friend Jake C. from Logan!

First email home

So today is p-day. I'm doing good. It's really great here, stressful, but good. It's pretty much so much information, its like drinking from a fire hydrant. The first day though, my host that took me from the curb, took me to the wrong building and put my stuff in the wrong room! I didn't know that, so we just dropped it off and went straight to class and started on a lesson and by the end of the day, when I went back to the right room, my stuff wasn't there, so me and my companions had to go searching for it in different buildings. We eventually found it, two buildings over on the other side of campus. My companions are great. Elder Christensen is from Boise, ID and Elder Porter is from Ogden, UT and its just us 3 in a room with 4 beds so we have a lot of extra room. They're bringing in more beds for the upcoming missionaries so instead of a 4 person bedroom, they're making it 6 so its going to be packed. The 2nd day or the first full day we were here, we had to teach an investigator (teacher) and it was a lot more difficult than I thought, especially with some of the stuff they come up with. The days are so long, it feels like I've been here for a full week or longer. All the days are beginning to mesh together. Today we went through the Provo temple, which was really cool. It's going well! Oh ya, I've seen Thomas M., Sam P., Jaqueline Lee, Jacob Nelson (from Logan), Andy Millward, Raymond Phillips (from Logan), Jake Powell, and Bo Briggs. Also can you send my patriarchal blessing, too, please? That would be great! Anyways, I hope you guys are doing well and that there isn't anything else wrong with the house and everyone is doing alright. Oh, also we're leaving the MTC the 20th of Febuary. We already have our flight schedules. Love You, Shad P.S. Austin- keep doing the missionary prep with the Galbraith's. They do a lot of role playing, and its difficult! Vanessa- stop causing drama.... if you are- which you probably are. Whitney- do your home work after you get home from school, not at night.

Saying Goodbye!

We headed to Utah on Tuesday, February 5th.  We stopped through Logan, UT to say goodbye to a couple of friends.  We then went to aunt Lezlee's and stayed with them the night before entering the MTC.  They took us out to eat at JCWs and we had a great visit before going to bed.  Shad didn't have to check into the MTC until 2:15.  Apparently there were suppose to be 800 missionaries entering the MTC that day. From what we understand, they normally get 300 missionaries on a regular Wednesday.   On Wednesday, February 6th, we went out to eat at Chuck-A-Rama.  Of course we ate too much!  We then hurried up to the Provo temple to meet up with Shad's friend, Thomas Meacham, before he had to check in the MTC at 1:30.  We were able to get a couple of pictures with him and wished him well.  We then drove down to the parking lot of the Provo temple and walked around the temple grounds taking pictures and spending time as a family.  It was nice to spend some time together! We saw a lot of missionaries heading up to the temple to do some temple work.  We also met many future missionaries getting ready to check into the MTC that day.  It was a bittersweet time!  We held it together pretty well until right before we were saying our final good byes and mom looked at Vanessa and she was crying.  That started the waterworks!

We then loaded in the van and headed to the MTC.  They told us to stay on the right side and go to marker #23.  As we got there, a deer was running around, lost.  When we stopped, Dad, Mom, and Shad got out to meet the Host.  We were able to give Shad quick hugs good bye and help him get his luggage out.  Shad seemed very serious and nervous.  It was sad to watch him walk away.  After driving away, we had a cry fest-at least the girls did.  We headed home after dropping Shad off.  Our drive home took an extra hour because it was so foggy and we took the Twin Falls exit instead of the Pocatello exit.  :(  It felt weird to come home with one less person there.  Even seeing his garbage lying around made Mom cry! 

Shad with his buddy Thomas heading into the MTC the same day.
Saying goodbye to Austin!
Whaley family!
Shad with mom and dad.
Shad with his brother Austin.
Shad with his sister Vanessa.
Shad with his youngest sister, Whitney.
Shad torturing his sisters.
Shad with mom and dad.
Shad with mom.
Shad with dad.
The 3 boys of the family.
Saying goodbye to Vanessa.
Saying goodbye to Whitney.
Saying goodbye to Dad.
Saying goodbye to Mom.
Listening to his host's instructions.
Getting everything out of the van.
Gone.  And he's off!

Mission Pictures

Our Home Teacher is the Executive Secretary and wanted to take pictures of Shad for his mission plaque.  Here they are.  Shad chose the first picture for his plaque.  For his mission plaque, he chose the scripture:  Jeremiah 16:16.   He liked that it had hunting and fishing in it, and that it was about missionary work!

Elder Shad Whaley


Shad had his mission farewell on Sunday, January 27th at 1p.m.  He was given the topic of "The Holy Ghost" and how it can help him on his mission.  He spent a couple of weeks preparing and did an amazing job.  After the farewell, we had a luncheon for Shad over at the Sugar-Salem High School commons.  A lot of family and friends were there to support him.  We served pulled pork sandwiches, chips, salads, and desserts.  Shad had a great time visiting with those who were able to come.

Shad with Grandma and Grandpa Young!
Brother Lewis (our home teacher)

The Tingey's  (our ward mission leader and wife)

The family (minus Austin)

Yay-Shad's going on a mission!

Father and son.

The Stewart's  (Shad's previous YM leader and family)

Shad with some of the Hatch's

Aunt Denise and Uncle Kim with Shad!

Cousin Jake and other guests.

Grandma and Grandpa Young and Uncle Craig.

Shad with cousins Ashley, Colton, and Macy.

Shad with the Gallegos/Peterson family.

Shad with Uncle Darren (pretending to be short) and Frank Hadry.

Some Shad supporters!

Shad and Uncle Craig!

More supporters!

Chase, Uncle Craig, and Jake!

Shad and some of his friends!

Shad's GQ friends!  :)

Family and friends.