Saturday, February 1, 2014

Birthday and Transfer


Well, I did get transferred and I don't have a lot of time right now since we need to be working, but the library was closed yesterday since it was a holiday.  I got transferred to Morgan Hill.  It seems like a pretty nice area, but all I have done is drive to the apartment and unpacked.  I have heard good things about this area, so I'm excited, but the other half of me is broken since I had to leave Redwood City, which stinks.  I guess this is where the Lord needs me and I asked my companion, Elder Christensen, if there are any Polys and he said maybe like one or two.....NOOOOOOO!  Dang it!  What I have seen so far is that it's less crowded and everything is more spread out-that's awesome!  Elder Porter, my MTC companion, took my spot with Elder Jones!  That lucky son of a gun!!!!  Man this Stinks!   But it's exciting at the same time!!!   Ahhhhhh, stupid feelings!!!!!! I was so mad when they called me on Saturday night...... worst birthday present ever!  haha.  There was a lot of people getting transferred in our zone and it really stunk!  Sunday night we had a Zone testimony meeting and that was amazing to hear -especially the people that were leaving, but it stunk at the same time.  It felt like my heart was ready to pop or explode saying good bye to these awesome missionaries along with feeling the Spirit so strongly!!!!!  MAN, why did I have to get transferred???????  Hopefully, I enjoy my next area as well here in Morgan Hill!  Sitting in Sacrament on Sunday was good, but it stunk because I knew I wouldn't be able to see the members that I have grown to know and love next week.  It was a super weird sad feeling!!!!!  Saturday was good!  We played slaughter ball at the Stake Center early in the morning with most of the missionaries in the Zone!  Then, we went and did service for a couple of hours.  After that, we went to a place called Stacks and got Oreo pancakes that some people told us about!  They were really good!  Later that night, we went to Applebee's with Tiki Makasisni and his family and they didn't even know it was my birthday until the end of dinner.  They were mad at me, but it was fun!  On Friday, the other Makasini's caught me off guard at dinner.  They totally acted like they usually do and played it really well until they came in with a cake and candles.  I was definitely not expecting that!  It was pretty cool!  Thanks for contacting them!  Yes, Semisi finally got baptized.  I was able to baptize him.  It was an awesome experience!!!! It was great!  After 6 months of working with him!  But other than all of the transfer stuff, I had a lot of fun and worked hard this last week!  Man, I'm going to miss that area!!!!  Yesterday was really fun.  We woke up early and went hiking again up in the Los Altos Hills and might have possibly gotten poison oak or ivy.  :/  Then, we got the Zone together and had a bbq at a park and played football and ultimate Frisbee!  It was lots of fun.  Then we went to the Stake Center after that and played slaughter ball for awhile, then shot hoops and I was able to dunk it a couple of times-it was awesome!  Hopefully, you guys have a great week this week and all goes well.  Love ya and I LOVE this work!!!!!!

ofa atu
Elder Whaley
"Horah for Israel"

Elder Whaley, Semisi, and Elder Jones at
Semisi's baptism

Shad's birthday $ from the birthday box.

Birthday cake made by the Makasini's.

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