Sunday, February 16, 2014

One Year Mark!!!


Ahhhhh noooo, it can't already be a year!!!!!  It's going by too fast!  It needs to slow down!  I have learned lots!  So much, I don't want to put it down-it will take too long!  haha.  Mama Smith is such a funny lady.  Ya, you will probably be hearing from her quite a bit, I'm guessing.  We helped her with a couple of things around the house and she told me how you told her that you were thinking I'd be sad to not be able to watch the Super Bowl!  I'm fine with it!  The good thing is, the Seahawks pulled it off!  Someone told us the score and that was awesome!  Yeah Seahawks!  I enjoyed the birthday package-thank you sooo much!  I used the decorations to make a mess of other missionaries cars-haha-so it was great!!  Things are going good here.  The work is slow so we are trying to find new people to teach and that's always a little rough.  I haven't taken any pics since I've been here, though, so I don't have any for you.  We have an Elder that we live with that is testing my patience.  I think I might have to resort to pulling the scene from The Best 2 Years on him where they hog tie him-haha. It would be funny.  Man, how I noticed how much I hate being told what to do!!!!!!  He is one of those elders that is so strict that he makes up meanings to rules or makes up his own rules!  He constantly tells us what to do and he just likes listening to himself talk and he's one of those that are like look at me, I'm more obedient than you, you're doing this wrong, you can't do that.  I guess I just need to stop praying to gain more patience because now it's getting tested!  I'll have to look to see what size of shirt I wear.  President banned playing with fire and we are not supposed to burn shirts for our year mark, but one of my shirts is already ripped from the washer, so it's going to get burnt anyways!  Hahah!  We'll see!  Hopefully, all goes well for you this week!  Love ya!

Elder Whaley

Someone give Elder Whaley a haircut!!!!
Hump Daaaaay!

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