Saturday, November 1, 2014

Just Plugging Along Working Hard


   I really hate people telling me how much time I have left, it's zooming by too fast!!!  I enjoyed the things in the package and enjoyed getting fat from it-haha jk!  So Landon said for me not to get married before he gets home huh?  Hopefully, that won't happen too fast...but ya never know!  Don't you miss being in the primary and having to deal with the primary program mom?  Haha.  Tell Chase that I'm either going to get a pig or borrow his and take it for walks for him-haha!  (Shad's cousin has a small pig and took it for a walk at the park and it really attracted the women).  I'll probably hand out spuds for Halloween, just for fun.  Brother Stewart tried climbing to the top of the Tetons?  That is super cool!  That would be an intense hike!
   This week was all right.  It's getting darker earlier, so not too many people answer their door after dark so it makes it tougher to get into homes at night, but the work is going pretty good.  We picked up 2 new investigators, so we'll see how they pan out and what happens.  It's really exciting!  Today we had a mission tour with Elder Pino, from the 70, come and speak to us!  It was really good.  He talked to us about not campaign ourselves to others and ways we can help hasten the work in the best mission in the world.  It was a little different, though, since he spoke in Spanish and he had a missionary translate for him.  Quite interesting, but still good!  Other than that, nothing too exciting.  Just trying to visit people and work hard!  I hope you have a great week and all goes well for ya!

Love ya,
Ofa Atu!
Elder Whaley

Elder Shad Whaley in front of the 49ers football stadium

Elder Shad Whaley serving at "Our Daily Bread"
handing out food

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