Saturday, November 1, 2014

Elder Whaley's Clever Costume!


Our two investigators are doing alright.  We weren't able to meet with them this week, so we'll see if we can catch up with them this week.  The work is about the same, but it's getting darker earlier, so not many people answer their doors when it gets dark or let us in, so it's kinda hard to find people to visit at nights.  This week was pretty good.  Last Tuesday we played rugby on p-day.  It was so much fun, but I haven't been so sore like that for a while.  We might play again today!  This week we were able to get in with a couple less actives who we haven't  been able to get ahold of for a while.  They're both cool, just busy most of the time.  We stopped by a former investigator last night to see if we could start coming by again.  He wasn't too interested, but said we could come by, so we'll see how it goes.  Then on Saturday night, our ward had the trunk or treat and I handed out some potatoes and glowsticks, thanks for those by the way!  It was fun because I made an awesome costume!  It was legit-hahah! I was stoked about it!  Then, on Sunday, Scott got the Aaronic priesthood, so he's doing really well!  It's awesome to watch him progress in the church!  That's kinda how our week went!  Lots of fun!  I hope all goes well for ya and you have a great week!  Love Ya!

Ofa Atu!
Elder Whaley

Elder Whaley's costume

Elder Whaley's clever costume for the
Trunk or Treat.  

Loading up the costume to take to the
Trunk or Treat.  Elder Christensen hanging on.

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