Sunday, September 7, 2014

Random phone call and earthquake


Ya, we had an earthquake!!!  The bookshelves tipped over making a mess.  Stuff was everywhere in our apartment.  The bunk bed almost tipped over and there were car alarms going off and it was crazy!  Wow-I can't believe all the people coming home already and those that are getting married.  Landon emailed me about his mission call.  I can't believe he's going to India-it's super awesome!!!!!  The video that you saw from our mission was a good video, but it was made a while ago and our district leader didn't make a video with us, so we didn't have a part in it.  That's neat that you communicated with Elder McAllister's mom.  He is an awesome guy that is legit.  I almost got him to come to USU, which he was going to, but then switched to UVU since they have his major....dang it.  I still can't believe he's home already!  How fun that you guys did the slip n slide with all those families.
This week was pretty good!  We had quite a few lessons and did quite a bit of service and a lot of biking.  Yesterday we got a call from a random number and he was asking for the previous missionaries that served here and he wants to start studying again on Friday, so we'll see what happens.  It was really cool!  We also helped out with a baptism on Saturday for Lance Ve'e, who his wife is in our ward, so we would always go visit them.  Sisters Kapu and Tauti, the Samoan sisters, taught him and he got baptized yesterday.  It was awesome to help out!  They are both amazing missionaries and they go home at the end of this transfer.  They were fun to serve around when I was in the Samoan branch.  Both are hard working missionaries.  They almost had a baptism every week for 6 weeks-it was pretty cool!  This week was good and we'll see how this next week is going to go hopefully!  Actually, about the earthquake, it happened, but it was like at 3 in the morning and we slept through it!  I was so mad.  I wanted to experience one!  We didn't find out we had an earthquake until we got to all the stuff from the first of this email was a joke-haha.  I'm so funny!  Well, I hope you guys have a grey week!  Love ya!

Ofa Atu
Elder Whaley

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