Sunday, September 21, 2014

Working hard!


So, this week was a little slow.  The first couple of days, we were on bike and I borrowed another Elder's bike, but it was too small, but at least it worked-haha.  We mostly were doing things like updating the area book and going through papers and basically doing paper fun!  Thursday was Elder Moody's birthday, so the McFarland's had us over and we had dinner and celebrated his birthday.  Then, we went on splits later that night.  On Friday, we were going around doing service and trying to get things done, but not a whole lot of luck.  So, we were behind on our goal for lessons and other things, so Saturday was busy trying to catch up.  It was great, though, because we were working all day, it was a good feeling!  We had 5 or 6 lessons that day-two of them were our investigators, so it was a good day!  Sunday was a good day, as well.  Church was really good.  They talked about tithing in Sacrament and the blessings of it, then they talked about fasting in Sunday school.  After church, we went to the Yuen's for lunch-like we do every Sunday, then we went to a wine walk to go contacting in the park.  There was a lot of people, but no one was interested.  Everyone was too busy drinking!  Oh well.  We stopped by a couple of other members' homes before we came back and we hit our lesson goal!  It was awesome!  So, hopefully, this week runs smoother and we don't have to try and play catch up!  You asked about the Haka.  They taught us the Haka a couple of times before.  It was fun!  How cool that you were able to go to lunch with all those Missionary Mommas!  I can't believe that Jordan is home!!!!!  It seems like everyone is starting to come scary!!!! :/  Keep safe and be smart!  Thanks for being such a great example and for all the great things you taught me-even though I didn't like some of them at the time!  Haha!  Love ya!

Elder Whaley

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