Thursday, July 10, 2014

Wanting to stay in the Tongan program


First of all, Happy Anniversary on July 2nd.  The big 21 or 22, right?  I can't remember, but hopefully you enjoy it!  Also, hopefully, the trip down to Utah is good and they're able to help!  Yes, I got the book that you sent.  Thank you SO much!  Ya, I think that's the name of the place we live (I looked up his address and it had an apartment complex that looked really nice and I asked him if it was where he lived).  It's pretty nice where we live.  We live with two other missionaries, so it's fun!  It's a pretty big apartment, so it's nice!  We got the new president on Saturday.  I think the outgoing pres and the new pres were together for an hour, then president Watkins left to Utah....Super Crazy!  We will meet him on Wednesday morning, so it will be interesting!  I'm hoping to stay in the Tongan program, but we have president Mella now and he can change a lot of things up since he's new and there's a new Tongan elder coming in, so we'll see what happens.  I really don't want to get moved-that would suck!!!!!
This week was good.  We did a lot of service, which was fun.  About every day we averaged around 2 to 3 hours of service.  Then, we went around and tried to find new people and visit less actives.  Even though some people aren't active or are non-members, they're all super nice!  It's just the way their culture is-it's awesome!!!!   Things are going good!  I'm just anxious to see what happens in the upcoming transfers!  Hopefully, it will be good!
Well, I hope all goes well in Utah this next week and you have fun and make the most of it!!!  Love ya guys!

Elder Whaley

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