Saturday, March 1, 2014

Working and Hiking!


Haha-Momma Smith is awesome, isn't she?!  Well, this week was alright-it was slow though.  We are hopefully meeting with Laura this week, but we haven't been able to get a hold of Vaha.  We just have to catch her whenever we can because she's always in and out.  So it's sometimes hard to catch her.  On Saturday, we did about 8 hours of service moving people almost all day, so that was fun, but tiring!  I've noticed that since I've gotten older, my body gets more sore and tired after some services or p-days now.  It stinks!  I don't want to get old!-haha!  Nothing really exciting or new happened this week.  This morning we hiked El Toro and that was a good 30 min. exercise.  It was steep towards the top and they have a rope!  On the way down the rope part, I flew down.  It was fun and scary, but I basically held on and sorta ran/repelled down that part!  It was fun, but afterwards, my calves were on fire!  It's all good!!!!  It sounds like you had a great week with an awesome Sunday.  I have a hard time paying attention in Sacrament since we have meetings all morning, then have church and I'm tired, etc.... but church is good, though!  It's cool that you mentioned about testimonies because this week I ran across a neat scripture in D & C 62:3-it's a good one!  That's good that things are going well for ya!  Keep it up!

Love ya,
Elder Whaley

Elder Whaley at the top
of El Toro

Showing off his muscles at the
top of El Toro

Elder Whaley

Holding onto the Iron Rod (rope)

Elder Christensen hiking El Toro?

Elder Whaley and Elder Christensen?

Elder Whaley sure seems to like trees!

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