Monday, March 17, 2014

Loving Service!


Wow-it's St. Patrick's Day?!  I didn't even realize that.  How time flies!  Hopefully, the green feet trick worked for you.  Things are going good with my companion so far.  The last 2 weeks have been slow with the work.  It seems like no one is available, it's just frustrating sometimes-especially trying to find things to do.  The good thing is that just means we need to work harder and push more!  This last week we red a lot of service, which I really enjoyed.  We did about 15-17 hours.  It was awesome!  Most of the opportunity just came out of nowhere, so that was a good blessing for us to keep busy mostly!  I love service-it's fun!  I just hope investigators and less-actives start coming out of nowhere-haha!  That made the week good for the most part!  I read the article on Jordan you sent!  Man, when I saw that picture, my heart just dropped!  That is freaking crazy!  He will definitely be in my prayers and fasts!  He only has 4 months left!  At least he has family and bros out in the field that are with him!  I'm glad he's recovering well so far1  Hey-you were talking about the piano and how a lot of people seem to contact you to play for them and that you must just be a sucker and not know how to say "no".  Don't say that and Don't think that!  You have a talent and an opportunity to serve others with your talent and people enjoy it!  They know you're good, so they ask you and they enjoy being around you to work with!  Don't take those opportunities for granted!!!!  I can't believe that Cooper got called to Hawaii!!!!!  That lucky boy!  I'll try not to be jealous!  I love my mission and wouldn't want to change it!  It sounds like you enjoyed Sacrament and it's a very interesting topic.  I've never really thought about not visiting in the chapel.  We always greet people in the chapel, but that is a good way to look at it.  Just so you know, I sing hymns now-haha!  I can't believe that Brandon is reporting his mission next week-how time flies!  Well, I hope you have a great week and don't stress!

Love ya!
Elder Whaley

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