Monday, March 17, 2014



So, tomorrow is transfers and Elder Christensen is getting transferred, which really stinks!  But, it's part of missionary life.  I have only been here for 6 weeks and still don't feel like I know the area that well.  I have done it before, so we will see how it goes!  Hopefully, I get a cool comp....or it could be a long couple of transfers!  That's all the new and different news.  Not much has happened.  We helped Momma Smith clean her house.  We weren't able to meet with Laura because she was sick and Vaha hasn't been at the house.  She's a tough one to catch because she is always in and out.  This week might be a little slow since it's transfers.  It usually is, so hopefully all goes well.  That's awesome you got to meet Elder oaks!  I'm kinda jealous.  It would be great to hear him speak, but I guess I have met a couple of other apostles.  It sounds like a lot of good things were said!  It's always a different experience to have a general authority to come and speak to a congregation of certain people compared to General Conference!  That is super cool that Vanessa made it through to the next round of UVI, but a bummer that Whitney didn't  It's always a good learning experience!  BTW, I cut my own hair, so I cut it when I need to.  (Side not: I have been questioning him about his hair and asking who cuts it.)  That's so crazy that those missionaries' family died!  That would be awful!  Don't you guys do that to us!!!!!!!!  It got up to the 50s for you?  Wow!  It hasn't dropped below 55 for us.  :)  It's gotten up to 80 already-it was crazy!  It sounds like you had a great, fun, eventful week.  Hopefully, you have another great week!  Love ya!

Elder Whaley

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