Sunday, January 12, 2014


It was good to talk to you on Christmas.  I forgot all the questions I was going to ask, sorry.  How did you get all the pictures of the people for the Christmas message?  That was probably my FAVORITE thing!!!!  It was awesome!  I still need to take a pic of it still.  This week was super slow with Christmas.  We were really low on lessons, but we did a lot of street contacting and found 2 potential investigators, so we'll see how they pan out.  Even though it was slow, it was lots of fun this week.  right after I talked with you guys, later that night we went to the church for a Zone gift exchange and while we were waiting for people, we played basketball and it got pretty intense...and now I have a black eye!  Wahoo! elbow to the face always feels good!  Hopefully, my nose is ok as well.  haha
Oh, the joys of mission life!  But, it's all good.  Yesterday was good.  Elder Dalton came back and visited, so I got to see him with his little beard-man that guy!  We had to give talks in Sacrament which went pretty well I thought.  It sounds like you guys are having fun on your Christmas break.  Hopefully, all goes well for you, especially staying home with Whitney and Vanessa-haha.  Love ya!

Elder Whaley
Of a Atu

Shad's stocking with one thing in it (who knows where
everything else is).

His gifts before opened.

Zone Christmas exchange?  
Putting something frozen on the black eye.

A fun gingerbread man for the Elders

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