Sunday, January 12, 2014

11 months out!!!!!


What?  Today is 11 months out?  I didn't even realize that!!!!  It's gone by way too fast!!   DANG!!!  My nose is alright I think.  The black eye has gone away and is tender still and it looks straight.  When I got hit, there was a bump, but I set it back supposedly, but it looks straight.  :/  It sounds like a lot of things happened over Christmas break.  Our ward switched to 9:30 and a lot of people showed up late.  It looked pretty empty right before we started, but it gradually filled up as the meeting kept going on.  This last week was alright.  It was still slow because of the holidays, so I'm glad they're over so we can hopefully get the momentum going again and teach people!  I got sick of people being out of town and not being able to meet because of the holidays!  Hopefully, this week goes a lot better.  Nothing new or exciting except we found out that president Watkins and his wife are going to be going around inspecting apartments thoroughly, interviewing us, and other things the next few weeks.  We need to clean-haha.  We'll see how that goes!  Hopefully, all is going well at home.  Love ya guys.  Have a great week!

Ofa Atu
Elder Whaley

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