Sunday, November 10, 2013

It's a boy!!!!!!


Dang, it's snowing?!  That's crazy!  Well, my companion came in on Halloween.  His name is Elder Jones from Springvill, UT.  He says he knows the Taylors: Keegan, Courtney, and Lance.  He is an 18 year old missionary.  He reminds me a lot of Austin, which is weird and cool.  I'm sure we'll do great together.  It should be interesting to train someone.  Hopefully, I don't corrupt him haha-jk.  This week wasn't all that great.  We had transfers Tuesday and I went to another area for a couple of days waiting for my kid, so the work in our area was super slow because of all the crazy moving missionaries around for transfers.  This upcoming week is looking good so far, so that's good.  Halloween stunk.  We had lunch at 3, after I picked up Elder Jones, then our dinner fed us at 4 since they couldn't do it later, so we were super full, then we tried visiting people, but no one was home because everyone was trick or treating....Halloween stinks-haha.  On the way down to pick up our kids, me and another Elder were driving down and a Mazda Miata was going about 100 mph on the highway and almost hit us, then he slowed down next to us and threw a water bottle at our car, but good thing he stunk at it since he missed...that was interesting.  Things are going good, other than that.  We'll see how this week pans out.  I can't think of anything for Christmas right now.  Hopefully, you guys have a great week!

Love ya,
Ofa atu,
Elder Whaley

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