Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! A Great Week!


We had an awesome week with a lot of little miracles!   I'm sure I'll be ready to explode by the end of Thursday, but hopefully, I'll be really hungry after the turkey bowl!  It's going to be interesting being away from home for Thanksgiving, but I'm glad I get to have it on my mission with the Makasini's! :)  That's good that you're tired/exhausted because that means you're working hard and giving it all you got!  (I think that's suppose to make me feel better?-haha)  Elder Jones is great!  We just live in a single bedroom apartment by ourselves-no other missionaries.  For maybe some g's and an SD memory card and some guitar tab music.  The Target here is just a regular Target.  What?  Brittney is going to use my room?  She is getting married?  When did all this happen?  Why is she up in Idaho?  Man, everyone is getting married!  Well, this week was really good!  We got 25 lessons, which is awesome.  I haven't got 25 lessons for awhile.  We usually average 16-18 a week, but this week was really great.  We accomplished all our goals for the week or went above!  So, it was great!  On Thursday, we had 8 people we taught, which is probably the most I've taught in a single day!  It was crazy awesome!!!!  Semisi's baptism is coming up pretty soon on the 14th of December-which is really exciting!!!!!  It rained a lot this week, as well.  It rained almost all day Wednesday and Thursday and a little bit on Tuesday.  But, Rain or Shine, We Do This All the Time!!!! Hoorah for Israel!!!!!!  Haha.  We had a great week!  We'll see how it goes this week since it's Thanksgiving week.  Hopefully, everyone doesn't leave!  But, it should be good!  Well, I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and a good week!

Love ya,
Ofa Atu,
Elder Whaley

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