Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Great Week!


Things are going great.  We had Elder Echo Hawk come and talk to us on Tuesday and that was awesome.  I really enjoyed it.  He is a great speaker.  Then, for the rest of the week, it's been pretty successful.  We have found quite a few people to teach.  One of them we came across because we were late for an appointment and we were riding really fast on our bikes to get there.  On our way, this young couple, with a young daughter, stopped us and said, "I need to talk to you!"  So we stopped and she came up to us and said, "You're the Mormons right?"  We said yes and she said that her husband has really bad health and isn't expected to live much longer, so she wanted to be content and learn about what will happen to him in the next life and "We want to get baptized!"  It was crazy awesome when they said it, so we got their names and number and hopefully have a lesson with them this week!  You guys went hiking?  Lucky!  It would be to have you email me some pictures.  That's hard that Austin has to be set apart as a missionary 5 days before he actually goes into the MTC.  I wouldn't be too happy if I was set apart for 5 days before-especially not really doing missionary work and being with relatives.  In 2 weeks it's going to be DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA with the girls-haha.  Have fun with that!  It's pretty hot somedays, especially on bikes-but oh well!  Hopefully, all is going well for you guys!  Love Ya!

Elder Whaley


That's good that the wedding went well.  It sounds pretty fun.  That's cool that Austin got to go to the sealing, I wish I could have been there!  I bet it was sonderful.  Aunt Lezlee said they were going to San Francisco, but their not even going to come and say hi?  :)  It's crazy that it's just you 4 at home now and Austin's in the MTC!  We've set up a couple of appointments with that family that stopped us, but they haven't shown up for any of them and they don't have a phone and they were living in a hotel at the time.  We called them recently and they weren't there, so hopefully they call our number!  I'm not sure what was wrong with the husband, she just said that he didn't have much longer left and she wanted to be settled in a religion when he passes or something, so we are trying to find then again!  It's been a little bit frustratin, but oh well, we'll keep trying.  The balute isn't that bad, it just looks really bad.  It was really weird when my ducks head fell off.  We have 6 Elders in our district and no sisters, but we just got  sisters over our ward this last transfer, so it should be interesting to work with 2 more missionaries in one ward.  My companion is getting better.  Well, I Love You!

Elder Whaley

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