Monday, June 10, 2013

Doing Well


Here we go with all your questions.......yes, I really did eat Balute.  It wan't as bad as I thought it would be.  When I was eating it, the duck's head fell off on the table.  If I can send videos, I'll try to send it some time.  That's the most interesting thing I've eaten so far.  It sounds like it was a crazy week, but a good one at that.  My companion is doing a little bit better after I talked with him, but we are still working on things.  Thanks for sending me allergy medicine-it's working great.  I haven't bought a speaker for the Ipod yet, but I've used someone elses and there's good songs on it-THANK YOU!  Our aethiest investigator is still gone, but hopefully she is reading the Book of Mormon. This last week was GREAT!  We had the most lessons that this area has seen in awhile and we contacted some people on the street and got their numbers, so they are potential investigators.  Yesterday we gave talks in church and had a less active and a non-member, that we contacted before, come to church.  It was awesome.  We then had Stake Priesthood meeting, then went to the president's house and had dinner with him and Eckohawk, a member of the Seventy that is here on a mission tour!  I'm glad that I was able to wait to buy my bike out here in the mission field.  It was a lot cheaper, but since they're used, they require maintenance sometimes.  Hopefully, all is going well for all of you back home!

Elder Whaley

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