Saturday, May 25, 2013

New Companion


My companion....well his name is Elder Carpenter from Safford, Arizona.  He has been out for 1 1/2 years so he only has a little while left.  Since I'm still in the same ward and area, I had to take over so it has been stressful and I have been really tired lately.  He is alright, but he is a little bit on the disobedient side.  He's also very trunkie.  It's hard to get him to do stuff sometimes-like yesterday, we were supposed to weekly plan and he decided to take a nap instead.  I told him we needed to plan and he just layed there and went to sleep, so I kept coming back in and waking him up.  I ended up weekly planning by myself since it needed to be done.  He finally woke up once our roommates came back-he got out of bed really fast.  It should be interesting these next couple of transfers.  :/  The last pictures that I took were with less active families and members since Elder Vance left.  You finally let Vanessa take her test?!  SCARY-well there goes the little red car!  :(  I am still at the same address.  It's really hot here and this week has stunk with bikes between Elder Carpenter and me-we broke 3 chains and got 3 flat tires so this week was definitely stressful.  Asa is already a Deacon?  Holy cow-that's crazy!  You can tell Sr. Andrews that I have lead a little bit of music.  Well, I hope all is well.  Could you send pictures from home?  That would be awesome to see home and you guys and just random stuff.  Anyways, Love ya!

Elder Whaley

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