Saturday, January 3, 2015

Only 7 Weeks Left!


Well, I'll probably just call on Christmas, but I don't know what time yet.  I'll let you know next week.  A white Christmas huh?  In California, how about a wet one?!  It's been raining for the last couple of days.  On Thursday, there was a big rain storm and it rained for 2 days straight, which is good since we had the car and California is in a drought.  Members were all telling us to get water supply and extra food.  It wasn't that bad, it just rained really hard!  It was pretty cool!  Man, people don't know how to drive int he rain out here!  It's flippin' crazy this is my last transfer! :(  Only 7 more weeks!  Holy flippin' crap-I'm freakin' out!!!!!!  Elder Strauss is getting transferred and he knows the ward a lot better than I do, so it's going to be interesting.  It will also be interesting to see who my new companion is.  Hopefully, it's someone who wants to work hard and someone I get along with. :/  I want to finish out strong and fun!  We were suppose to go to Santa Cruz today, but it's raining again, bummer!  Things are going alright.  The work is kinda slow right now.  We just dropped our last investigator and we're working with a couple of less actives.  Hopefully, it picks up nd we're able to find people to teach, but it's kinda hard.  This area is pretty wealthy so we'll see what happens!  it sounds like you have a fun time coming up around the holidays.  Hopefully, all goes well!  Love ya!

Ofa Atu,
Eler Whaley

Elder Shad Whaley in the rain

Elder Strauss and Elder Whaley
in the Big red chair

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