Saturday, January 3, 2015

Idaho Boys Don't Get Trunky!


Wow-it sounds like you have had an eventful week with everything going on.  I'll probably call around 1:00 your time, but we only have 30-45 minutes this time.  I look forward to calling you guys on Thursday!  We need to find investigators before we have a "White Christmas", but I hope you guys have a great Christmas!  That's too bad that there's no snow, but now you know how I feel-haha!  I can't believe that Sis. T. got hit by a car and Jason as well?  Thank goodness it wasn't worse for them. The Pierce's emailed and it was really cool!  They said I can go sit in an Apache helicopter!  Wahoo!!!  That would be awesome!
Things are going good, a little stressful, but that's just part of the work since they've changed up the boundaries.  We have been just trying to figure out who still lives in the ward and where everyone lives now, but it's going pretty good!  Elder Payne is my new companion.  He is definitely shorter than I am.  He definitely has a different personality, but he's going to work whether he likes it or not!  Just like brother said, Idaho boys don't get trunky-haha!  No, I haven't gotten the package yet, but maybe I'll get it today.  I was able to meet up with Sis. Allen and I loved the cookies!  I sent one box back  with her.  Oh-please don't go through the box!  I trust ya!  There are envelopes at the top with Christmas cards that you can give to families, but that's it!  Mom, I know you're curious, but don't go past the blanket!!!!!!!!!!!  Haha!  Well, things look like they'll run a little smoother now we got some things figured out, so I'm excited to see what happens!  We'll talk to you on Thursday!  Tau Toki Sio!

Ofa Atu!
Elder Whaley

Elder Whaley and Elder Payne

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