Sunday, May 4, 2014

Easter and Monterey


Happy Easter!  Thank you so much for the package!  I LOVED it!!!!  It sounds like you had a good sacrament!  That's really cool that Brian go to bless his son.  Good for him.  At the same time though, it's really weird that he has a child.  I'm glad to hear that Jordan is going back out on his mission and is making a great recovery from his accident.  You had asked about how much service we are suppose to do in the mission field.  They would like us to get 5 acts for 10 hours in a week.  We talked with Mama Smith yesterday and she told us she talked to you.  It was pretty funny.  Next time you talk to her, ask her about her dream about me since she won't tell me!  Basically, from the past things, she's told us she is pretty much psychic.  She slipped and started saying something and stopped midway of what she was saying.  Now I want to know!!!!!  Well, nothing new or spectacular this week.  The week was slow and we didn't have that many lessons or non-members to teach, but we did get our car back, so that's good.  Hopefully, we'll get back up to where we were before!  We just got back from Monterrey.  It was pretty cool.  We basically just drove around and took some pictures.  We didn't really get out and play on the beach though, so that was a bummer!  Hopefully, next time.  Dad, that book you mentioned, The Power of Everyday Missionaries, is very good.  There were a couple of members reading it in my first area and they really liked it!  It is good to teach the members how to approach people about the gospel.  Sometimes, I am so focused on less actives and non members, that I forget about helping the members know how to share the gospel.  Thanks for the reminder.  Hopefully, all is going well back home and it's always good hearing from you!

Elder Whaley


Elder Shad Whaley's tag and Monterey


Elder Whaley in Monterey

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