Sunday, May 18, 2014

15 Months in the Field!


Mon, time is going by so fast!  It's crazy!  It sounds like you had a pretty good week!  That's good you fed the sister missionaries and had Brittney and her husband over!  I'm glad to hear that you and Dad went to the temple.  You should go more often, it will help out with things that are going on!  I love going to the temple when we get to!  Thanks for getting ahold of USU-I'll watch for an email from them.  Chalmers is leaving.....NOOOOOOO-that really stinks!
This week was pretty good.  Looking back, we had 20 lessons with 9 non-member and 8 less actives. It was pretty good, which was surprising since most of our appointments cancelled on us this week, which stunk at the time.  But, it all worked out!  On Monday,  we visited Lola Rodriguez-a lady we had contacted the week previous.  She invited us into her home and we taught a quick, simple restoration lesson since they were asking us a lot of questions-which was great!  Then, we were about to leave and she invited us to stay and eat with them since it was her son-in-law's birthday.   We didn't have dinner scheduled that night, so we stayed and the rest of the family tricked in through the evening and it was awesome.  We got bombarded with questions, but they loved it and they said they wanted to come to church on Sunday and we hadn't even invited them yet!  It was super cool and her daughter-in-law invited us over to dinner on Tuesday, but we couldn't make it to that, but it was awesome!  They are a super cool family!  Two days before Sunday, they texted and said something came up so they couldn't make it on Sunday, but they would call us when they were going to come, since they wanted to go.  On Tuesday, we taught Douglas, and investigator, and that went well.  We invited him to church and he said he would be there, then it ended up he couldn't make it, but he called us saying he was sorry he couldn't make it and that he'll try to make it next time.  Wednesday, we did service at St. Joseph's, another church, handing out food to homeless people and people that need it.  Then our splits cancelled with the Sweats and Stebbin's-two people we really needed to see!  Thursday, we had dinner with a part-member that went well.  We then caught a less-active at home who we haven't seen for a while, so that was good!  Friday, we were doing weekly planning and a part member family called us up really needing us to do service for them, so we went over and helped them out.  It was great!  Later that night, we taught Brad Rentfrow and we have another appointment with him this week, so things are going well.  Saturday morning we had a Bible bash with a guy at Starbucks that we had met 2 weeks ago.  We'll see what happens.  He wants to meet with us again.  On Sunday, we had a great testimony meeting, but non of our people showed up, which stunk, but hopefully, they come next week.  We had dinner with the Fisher's that night and they made 3 racks of ribs....I ate a side of a cow-haha!  He was my first ward mission leader in my first area, it was pretty cool.  We then picked up a new investigator and talked about the church and the church he just joined, so we're going to meet with him on Tuesday.  So, in all, we had a pretty good week.  Hopefully, we have mother!  Hopefully, you guys do too!  Love ya!  Talk to ya soon!

Ofa Atu
Elder Whaley

Elder Shad Whaley just hanging out!

Studly Elder Whaley

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