Sunday, September 22, 2013

Last week with companion and baptism


The weather has been great!  It's warm with a nice crisp breeze from the bay.  It feels perfect and great! We have the fans going at night and the windows open, too!  The baptism was a great success!  It went super well!  One of her friends, that she invited, is interested so that was cool!  My companion is flying home Wednesday morning and it really stinks!  He's super awesome and I really enjoyed serving with him.  I wish he had another transfer at least-but oh well.  Hopefully, my next companion will be good.  There's still quite a bit of work to do here, which is awesome!  I did get reimbursed for the Red Lobster charge that someone made from my card, but not the other Body Oh well, the work must go on! (Someone got ahold of his debit card number and made several large charges-he didn't catch the Body Builder one in time and so he has to eat about $230-I really dislike dishonest people!!!!)  Dad-that's interesting that you mentioned the advice from Colton because I was just thinking about that this week! (Before Shad left-his cousin-in-law gave him the advice to remember that he is called to that particular mission because of his personality, and to have fun and "be a better you", and you will be fine). Things are going good here.  They want us to change to a carrier bag in place of a backpack in the next while, but my backpack works fine, so it's not going to happen unless they force me.  Haha.  We probably could go to a football game on Monday if there WAS one on Monday, but when is there ever a game on Monday?!  Today we are going to check on google to see.  Other than that, nothing too exciting has been going on.  I hope all is going well for you back home!  Love ya!

Elder Whaley

Elder Dalton (Shad's 6'7" companion from Arizona)
at the baptism

Elder Dalton, Bro. Makasini (Carla's Father-in-law)
Carla Makasini, and Elder Whaley
at the baptism of Carla Makasini

Carla Makasini and her family

Elder Dalton and Elder Whaley (Shad looks short
compared to his companion)

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