Sunday, September 8, 2013

Best Moment So Far!


This week was super good.  We had gotten a new investigator who committed to a baptismal date for the 21st of September so far and another for the 14th of September.  She was the one that got moved back because of the funeral.  The one on the 21st, Carla Makasini, is a non-member married to a member who has just gotten his Melchizedek  priesthood and his patriarchal blessing this week.  I think that really helped, but the main reason she is taking the lessons is because her sister-in-law just passed away and she saw that members of the church had comfort about it that she wanted and she wants to live with her family forever, also.  So it's pretty cool and she has been talking to a friend who may be interested also!  She is swaying between the 14th and 21st to get family members and ward members there, but she is excited to be baptized and she is awesome!  The first lesson/discussion with her was super spiritual.  It was amazing!  We invited her to be baptized and she said YES!  Oh man-that was probably the BEST moment so far!  It was just an overwhelming sense of joy when she said yes.  I had never felt like that before.  The next day, during personal study, I read in D & C 58 about how great will your joy be if you bring one soul unto me and that was really cool!  We met with a lot of non-members this last week, so it was really good!  Things are going well here.

Ahhh-man everyone keeps talking about the new temple video, but I have to wait until General Conference!  The Tongan families keep feeding me or keep trying if I say I am full.  I haven't gained or lost-I think biking is helping me maintain my weight plus I have been trying to lift every morning.  Oh man-football season has started!  It really STINKS!  Everyone talks about it and yesterday we got offered tickets to go to a Stanford game for this week!  There is also a high school football field next to the road we take a lot and they had a game Friday night!  Man I miss football!  Oh well!

 Hopefully, all is going well at home!

Love ya!
Elder Whaley

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