Monday, August 12, 2013

Transferred to Redwood City


Well, I have moved to a new area.  The Redwood City 1st Ward in Redwood City.  Our address is 450 Redwood Ave. #20, Redwood City, CA 94061.  My companion is awesome!  (He didn't bother to give us a name.) He is 6'7", so taller than me, from Arizona and goes home next transfer, which kinda stinks!  This week was great.  All the people we visited this week were all Tongan except 1 family.  It's awesome!  (Shad really wanted to serve a mission in Tonga, so this is as close as he'll get).  I'm going to get fat because we get fed a lot.  We had 3 dinners the other night!  We are in a car 3 or 4 days out of the week and bikes the rest of the time.  The area is nice.  We cover Redwood City, part of East Palo Alto. and San Carlos.  This transfer should be good.  I'm excited!  We have quite a few people ready to be baptized!  I'm really liking the area!  Oh-before I left my last area, I got an electric guitar and amp at a flea market for $50, so now I have an electric acoustic guitar and a ukulele that I'm learning to play from my comp now!  He is really cool and I'm excited to serve with him.  We should be able to do some really good work in this area and he really wants to work hard and finish off strong before he goes home in September.  All the Tongans here are awesome.  They feed us so much here and they are really helpful.  All of them ask me what I am nationality wise or if I'm from New Zealand or they say that I look like Blake Griffin-haha.  This week was good.  We had quite a few lessons with investigators this week.  All of them are super cool, so hopefully this next transfer we will have some baptisms!  Other than that, nothing super exciting or super crazy has happened yet, but who knows, it's a mission.  I'm excited to serve in this ward-it seems really good so far!  It sounds like all is going well at home.  Hopefully, it continues to go well.  Love ya!

Elder Whaley

Playin' the guitar with his new companion?

Shad with ? family

Shad and Elder Carpenter with ? family.

Shad (in the cowboy hat and glasses) with some Elders


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