Friday, April 26, 2013



I hope everything is going well and you're doing alright.  This week has been really great!  We have had lots of service opportunities, 18 hours, and picked up 2 new investigators and have a meeting with them this week.  One of them just told us to come over and talk with them.  They have 4 boys and it's a Hispanic family.  We set up an appointment with them and the other is a referral from some other missionaries that they street contacted and his name is Wondafresh.  He is Ethiopian and seems pretty interested in the gospel-so we'll see how that goes-which is pretty cool!  One of the services that we did on Friday was with one of the authors for the multiplier effect, Lois Allen.  I think it's about leadership. She is a very nice lady and a really good cook(he always seems to mention something about food-LOL).  We are also making a raised garden for someone in the ward, but their ground is really rocky, so we had to use picks for it.  This week has been getting into the 80s, so it's been hot.  Today we went hiking for a p-day activity.  It was pretty fun.  We just went with our zone.  Everything is going well here and I hope everything is alright at home.  Love ya guys!

Elder Whaley

Shad-the guitar man!


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