Monday, February 18, 2013

Saying Goodbye!

We headed to Utah on Tuesday, February 5th.  We stopped through Logan, UT to say goodbye to a couple of friends.  We then went to aunt Lezlee's and stayed with them the night before entering the MTC.  They took us out to eat at JCWs and we had a great visit before going to bed.  Shad didn't have to check into the MTC until 2:15.  Apparently there were suppose to be 800 missionaries entering the MTC that day. From what we understand, they normally get 300 missionaries on a regular Wednesday.   On Wednesday, February 6th, we went out to eat at Chuck-A-Rama.  Of course we ate too much!  We then hurried up to the Provo temple to meet up with Shad's friend, Thomas Meacham, before he had to check in the MTC at 1:30.  We were able to get a couple of pictures with him and wished him well.  We then drove down to the parking lot of the Provo temple and walked around the temple grounds taking pictures and spending time as a family.  It was nice to spend some time together! We saw a lot of missionaries heading up to the temple to do some temple work.  We also met many future missionaries getting ready to check into the MTC that day.  It was a bittersweet time!  We held it together pretty well until right before we were saying our final good byes and mom looked at Vanessa and she was crying.  That started the waterworks!

We then loaded in the van and headed to the MTC.  They told us to stay on the right side and go to marker #23.  As we got there, a deer was running around, lost.  When we stopped, Dad, Mom, and Shad got out to meet the Host.  We were able to give Shad quick hugs good bye and help him get his luggage out.  Shad seemed very serious and nervous.  It was sad to watch him walk away.  After driving away, we had a cry fest-at least the girls did.  We headed home after dropping Shad off.  Our drive home took an extra hour because it was so foggy and we took the Twin Falls exit instead of the Pocatello exit.  :(  It felt weird to come home with one less person there.  Even seeing his garbage lying around made Mom cry! 

Shad with his buddy Thomas heading into the MTC the same day.
Saying goodbye to Austin!
Whaley family!
Shad with mom and dad.
Shad with his brother Austin.
Shad with his sister Vanessa.
Shad with his youngest sister, Whitney.
Shad torturing his sisters.
Shad with mom and dad.
Shad with mom.
Shad with dad.
The 3 boys of the family.
Saying goodbye to Vanessa.
Saying goodbye to Whitney.
Saying goodbye to Dad.
Saying goodbye to Mom.
Listening to his host's instructions.
Getting everything out of the van.
Gone.  And he's off!

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