Sunday, February 8, 2015

So Much to Do and Not Enough Time!


Un, I would love dutch oven food or Big Judd's!!!!  I got my flight itinerary a while back and realized that there will be 2 other missionaries and their families at the IF airport at the same time, just to let you know so it might be crowded.  So, I guess you can decide what to do from there.  What? J. sent in her mission papers?  That's awesome to hear!!!!  So president changed how we report numbers so active member lessons don't count anymore.  We don't report how many people we contact a week anymore, he wants us to get 6 new investigators a week, and other stuff.  It's just trickier to get lessons that actually count in reporting, but it's alright.  I don't have to deal with it that much-haha.  That's funny about the fake deer!  At least that's one more friend-haha.  Good thing you guys weren't at Walgreen's at the time of the shooting!  Sounds like you just missed it!  Well, this week was pretty good.  We were able to do about 20 hours of service this week.  It was pretty good!  Just different random services throughout the week.  We were able to actually have splits with the elders quorum this week, as well.  We have been trying to get that going and it finally happened and it went well!  We were able to get in with a couple of less actives!!  Hopefully, things go super well this week!  Man, almost everyone know I'm going home and I'm getting sick of people asking me what I'm going to do in a couple of weeks and younger missionaries bugging me about it.  It just doesn't feel real!  I just can't see myself coming home.  Everytime I keep thinking about the up coming weeks, it's just about who we need to see and what they need and what we need to do to find new investigators, but then it hits me that I won't be here!  FLIP!!!!!  I hate this feeling!  So much to do and not enough time!!!  Man, it's frustrating, there has been new less actives we have been working with, but I don't have enough time to help them to the place I want to get them to!  But, other than that, things are going good!  Just working hard and driving my companion a little crazy since he's tired and I don't care.  I just want to go out and work!  Oh dang, my secret is out huh?  Oh man!  Well, of course, I might be somewhat good at country dancing, I went a lot!  haha.  I'm probably a little rusty now.  I guess I'll just have to go back and work on it more.  Well, I hope you have a great week!  Love ya!

Ofa Atu!
Elder Whaley

Outgoing missionaries from the
San Jose, CA mission

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