Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Getting transferred!


Sorry about the late notice of the guy, Bro. M. Deakin, stopping by to drop off a card.  He called us the night before and asked if there was anything he could take since he was going there the next day.  Thanks for putting together something for me last minute.  Well, I'm getting transferred and it stinks! I was expecting to be here for one more transfer since that would make it 6 months, so we'll see if this will be my last area.  If it is, hopefully, it will be good because it will be a long time!  I might possibly have a couple more smaller areas-I have no clue!  Yesterday was a pretty good day.  We got to church and we were about to go into ward council and a member of the mission presidency was there, President Lemon, and he said a lady had come in wanting to know more!  We skipped ward council and talked with her.  IT WAS SUPER AWESOME because we were seeing why she had come in and trying to figure out her background and she had just gotten out of Mass or something like that from her church.  She said she just felt like she needed to come-she just needed to know more so she actually drove there and parked where everyone else parked and came in.  We went and got her a Book of Mormon, since she was asking for one, and taught her the restoration and it went great.  She accepted everything we said.  She told us some of her spiritual gifts that she has and it was really cool!  When we talked about Joseph Smith getting the plates, she asked where it was, so we told her Palmyra and she didn't know where that was.  We told her up state New York, and she basically said, "Oh my gosh, I have been telling my mom that I felt like I've needed to go there for some reason!"  She is pretty in tune with the Spirit, so at the end of the lesson, I invited her to be baptized and she said "yes" if she comes to know if the church it true!  What an awesome lesson....AND I'M BEING MOVED.....DANG IT!!!!!  We have picked up quite a few investigators this last transfer and the work is really starting to move!!!!!  Shoot!!!  We had a really good week this week, actually it was a BOMB WEEK!  We had 500+ contacts, 23 lessons, 11 of those were non-members, 10 members present, 6 acts for 13 hours of service....just go go go!  It was a SUPER GREAT WEEK!  And I have to LEAVE!!!  NOOOOOoooo!  I guess only time will tell...right as we are finding people who are getting close to baptism!  Shoot!  Man, this is such a great area!
I gave a talk yesterday that went well and I had a couple of members find out I was leaving and I thought they were going to start crying.  A couple of little kids said good bye and one told me I was his favorite missionary-man it breaks my heart to leave this area and the people here!  I guess the Lord has something else for me to do.  But man, that was one of the best weeks!  Shoot!  The Howard's are feeding me for my "last supper" before I leave!  They are an awesome family!  It should be fun!  I'll let you know next week where I'm at.  I get transferred Tuesday morning!  Yes, I would like the book, but hold off till I get you the new info. where I'm at.  Hopefully, you have a great week and enjoy the last couple days of school!  Enjoy the summer!  Love ya!

Elder Whaley
Ofa Atu
*Hopefully, I get transferred to the Tongan program or beach side!  :)

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