Sunday, April 20, 2014

14 Months and Counting!


Nooooooooooo!  Don't remind me how long I've been out!  I don't know what you're talking about.  I have only been out 6 months-haha!  I'm going to extend-hopefully!  :)  Things are going alright with my comp and the other elders.  There's always things that come up, but they usually settle down.  I just found out that one of my companions, Elder Dalton, is getting married this month!  It's crazy!  Man, I didn't read the whole April Fools thing at first and it scared me-haha.  It sounds like you had fun going on a spontaneous drive!  I loved General Conference.  All of it was Super Good!  I especially liked the priesthood session!  We tried to invite people to come and watch, but no one came.  We watched the first session on a computer in the Family History Center, then we watched the rest of the sessions in the chapel and it was basically just missionaries!  There were lots of scriptures that I enjoyed, but I can't remember them right now.  They're more of in the moment scriptures, I guess.  Mother's Day is 5 weeks away?  Wow!  Time is going by too FAST!
This last week was really good.  A missionary before me, had cracked the bumper on our car, so we had to take it in to get fixed on Monday and it was supposed to be done Friday.  We were on bikes all week, which kinda killed the work since we couldn't really go into the hills.  We've already done it once and it stunk.  It was WAY too steep.  It rained a lot and hard the first part of the week-so that was fun.  We ended up getting to go to the temple on Wednesday with Elder Pekipaki and Elder Jenkins!  We stayed overnight at their place since we were leaving early in the morning with them and that was lots of fun!  Going to the temple was super fun!  I LOVE going to the temple.  It is soooooo great and VERY uplifting!  We got to see the new video-it was really good!  I enjoyed it!  The air was clear this time, so you could see the Golden Gate, San Francisco, and other cities from a distance-it was pretty cool!  Then, we went to eat after with the member that drove us up there and we just went to In-and-Out Burger and McDonald's and killed 4 burgers-it was super good!  On Saturday, we watched Conference basically all day and had pizza delivered to the church.  Then, on Sunday, we watched conference for most of the day-it was great!  Oh-I forgot-we found out on Friday that the car wasn't finished when we called in because someone messed up on the paperwork and got the wrong bumper or something, so it will be in there another week!  Dang it!  My camera is in there so I didn't have it when we went to the temple!  That means we are on bikes again yahoo.....not!  We'll see how this next week goes!  The sister missionaries stopped by huh?  Interesting!  Maybe there was a reason.  Maybe it was a sign to do more missionary work or something.  Especially with the prophet and apostles just talking about sharing the gospel!  Hopefully, you guys can help them out by finding someone and feeding them!  I'm sure they would appreciate it!  It definitely takes stepping out of your comfort zone!  You guys can do it!  Good luck and keep me updated!  Hopefully, all goes well for you guys back home and you have a great week!  Love Ya!

Elder Whaley

Golden Gate Bridge

Oakland Temple

Elder Whaley and other Elders!

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