Sunday, December 22, 2013

Plugging along!


So, the library's computers were down yesterday....of course it had to be a Monday!  It seems like you guys always get out of school because of power problems--haha!  Ya, it's cold here, too-the 40-60s.  Brrrrr!  :)  That's crazy that it's that cold there-Dang!  I can't even imagine that while the sun is hitting my face!  So Corbin had his farewell already, that's crazy....Japan, man that's pretty cool!  I got the package from Wayfair and it's sitting in the closet out of sight-haha.  Semisi is doing well.  His baptismal date was moved to the 21st because he missed church a week ago, but hopefully he makes it this next Sunday as well!  Other than that, we are just working with him preparing for the 21st now!  I'm not sure how the calling for Christmas works.  I haven't heard anything yet, but we'll probably just have a member call you or something.  This last week was decent.  It definitely picked up from Thanksgiving, but slow somedays.  We did a lot of service this last week- about 12 hours-which is always fun from picking weeds, to painting a living room, sorting cans at a food bank, and setting up a Christmas Creche.  The week was still good I think.  This week will hopefully be good as well!  We have the Christmas Creche going on along with the ward Christmas party this Saturday!  It's looking like a good week!  Hopefully, all is going well with you guys and you tty to keep warm!  :)  Love ya!

Ofa Atu
Elder Whaley
2 Timothy 1:12

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