Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fun at the Ocean

Everything is going Great!  My companion is great, but he's kinda strict though.  The ward members are good, especially a couple of them.  They don't feed us a ton, though, so there are some nights we have to cook, but it's alright.  I learned how to make stuffed french toast and it's super good!  I was wondering if you could send some recipes either in the mail or email-especially German pancakes.  I haven't taken a lot of pics because I've been busy.  We went to the beach yesterday (March 4th) and so that's why I didn't email yesterday because we were there.  I got burned which luckily turned into a tan.  It was super fun and way cool to see the ocean for the first time.  We played beach volleyball, football, ultimate frisbee, and rugby.  It was AWESOME!  So that was super fun!  We don't have other missionaries live with us yet, but we will soon I think.  Our apartment is by Saratoga Road in Santa Clara, Ca.  We get about $140 a month and then the Polynesians in our ward always give us money for food.  Brother Maiava took us to Tony Roma's and bought us steak and ribs!  I haven't got the package yet, but the mission office says it's there and so we have to go pick it up.  Thomas M. emailed me and it sounds like he's doing great and having some good experiences.  That's awesome that you finally got that job.  I'm sure that will be a great blessing!  :)  But, everything is going great!  I hope everything is going well or goes even better for the family!  Here's some pictures, but I'll send the memory card so you can put all of them on the computer!


Shad, Elder Vance, and ?

Elders and Sisters at the beach!

Some day.........

Elder Whaley and Elder Vance

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